Tum Kom Piya by Maha Malik Pdf

Tum Kom Piya by Maha Malik Pdf

The book Tum Kon Piya Novel pdf is a social, romantic novel that shows the real pictures of our society.  Maha Malik brings the characters in the story which we can easily find to around us. The story of Tum Kon Piya Novel rounds around a beautiful girl who belongs to a low-income family. She dreamed of an abundant life and failed to do so. He fell in love with a boy who left him in crisis. The book Tum Kon Piya told us about the feelings of a human being about love.
There are three main characters in the story of Tum Kon Piya,  Alma, Zabab, and Ramesh Khan. The family of Alma consists of her two sisters Seema, Irma, and his father, Waqar Ahmad. She lost her mother in childhood. Ramesh Khan loved very much to Alma. He belonged to a wealthy family. He wanted to marry Alma, but his family opposed him. The father of Alma refused to Ramesh about the Alma. Ramesh accepted this decision with a broken heart but didn’t break the relation to the family of Waqar. He did a lot for the Waqar,s family.
Alma married to Zabab, a young man of her age. Zabab belonged to a lower family. The mother of Zabab was very greedy and contentious. She tried to narrow to Alma, but Alma bore that with patience. She sacrificed a lot in honour of Zabab,s love. With the time, Zabab went abroad, and his financial condition changed. Zabab left alone the Alma in Pakistan. He thought guilty about the Alma. The Alma waited for him till her death. She believed in love for a single man. The story ended with the return on the Zabab, but Alma died. Her wait came to an end. The author of Tum Kon Piya described the love of an eastern woman for her husband.

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