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“Taufan Ki Raat” and read a very interesting story of an old bank manager. “Taufan Ki Raat” is the title name of this Urdu novel which means the Stormy Night. This Urdu Novel is authored by Mr. Abdul Hameed best known for A. Hameed who is a well known Urdu author, authored various Urdu books and novels. He is one of the most popular Urdu novelist in Pakistan.

Taufan Ki Raat Novel is a fiction story created by Mr. A Hameed. The story and the plot of this novel is very interesting. The story of this novel is about an old bank manager who is going to his home from his bank during the night time while its raining cats and dogs and the stormy weather, thunderstorm and the darkness of night make his journey to his home more difficult. On the way to his home the old man Mr. Mir Asmat Ullah is wounded by falling a tree branch which messes with his forehead due to which his forehead starts bleeding. Mr. Asmat Ulllah enters to a bungalow nearby where a female and her servant live. Mr. Mir find the bungalow luxurious also sees some vulgar pictures on the walls inside the bungalow but the story does not end here. Taufan Ki Raat Novel is here in Pdf format and as long as 143 pages with a small disk size of 2.11 MB only.

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