Tanha Tanha by Ahmad Fraz Pdf

The author of Tanha Tanha is Ahmed Faraz. He was a notable poet of Urdu. He was an educationist and intellectual. Ahmed Faraz knew very well the Arabic and the Persian languages. His family has a political background. One of his brothers working as governor of the KPK province. His son is enjoying the membership of Senate of Pakistan. Ahmed Faraz belongs to the progressive movement. He was a very close friend of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Ali Sardar Jafri. It took the result soon. The thoughts and ideas of Faiz Ahmed Faiz impress the whole poetry of Ahmed Faraz.

Ahmed Faraz enjoyed public fame. The people uses his poetry in their entire writings. The people loves very much to Faraz for his pure poetical language. The poetry of Ahmad Faraz frequently uses on social media in Pakistan. After his death, Ahmad Faraz became a hero of the poor people of Pakistan.

Tanha Tanha is another poetry book of Ahmed Faraz. Tanha Tanha is the collection of different poems and Ghazals of Ahmed Faraz.

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