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 Abdul Hameed’s Famous Urdu novel “Siah Phool” in best font with clear display is here for free download and read online. Siah Phool novel is authored by Abdul Hameed who is a well known Urdu author, long and short Urdu stories writer, spy stories writer, Urdu fiction writer and digest writer in Pakistan. He is one of the most popular Urdu novelists in Pakistan. He has authored a lot of Urdu books and novels. Abdul Hameed is best known for his Urdu books and novels.

Siah Phool is the name of this Urdu novel. Abdul Hameed has written the story of a female school teacher in first person narration. The story is all about that school teacher who faces a lot of problems in her life. Abdul Hameed has written this novel in a very beautiful way. The story of this novel may be true and belongs to a real School teacher but the probability of fiction still exists. However this is a very beautiful Urdu story of a girl who is teaching in a school and now injured due to which she is unable to go to school to teach the children. Siah Phool means the Black Flower. This Urdu novel Siah Phool is as long as 101 pages. Siah Phool is here in Pdf forma size 5.43 Mb only,

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