Shaikhoo by Razia Butt pdf

Razia Butt is the author of the book Shaikhoo pdf. It is a collection of some social, romantic, and history stories. It contains the stories like Raat, Uff Ye Auratain, Mehmaan, Tafawat, Saas Aur Bahu, Dil Aur Pathar. The author describes the story of Prince Saleem and Mughal Emperor Jalal Ud Din Akbar also.

Razia Butt is a great name in Urdu short story and novel writing. She had a long career as a writer and she produced some excellent books. Some of her stories selected for the film and drama also. This book is also a wonderful and informative story collection. I hope you like the book Shaikhoo Pdf and share it with your contacts.

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