Shafaq Ke Pujari by Ibn-e-Safi , Imran Series

Shafaq Ke Pujari (The Worshipper of Twilight) is an awesome Urdu spy novel of Imran Series by the legendary Urdu novelist Ibn-e-Safi.

Imran visits Shah Dara, a city enriched with some archaic buildings and many other things. There Imran gets involved in the case of Shafaq K Pujari. I man who calls himself Shafaq ka Pujari (The Worshipper of Twilight) writes to Rifat Jah, a rich man of the area, to hand over to him three paintings of Twilight. The man had offered a handsome amount for the paintings but Rijat Jah denied selling them. The Worshipper had to get the paintings either by hook or crook.

When Imran solve the case it comes that the whole case was fabricated by Rifat Jah. But why does he plat this conspiracy?? Read the interesting novel. I am pretty sure you will like it.

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