Shab E Khoon by Ahmad Fraz Pdf

Ahmed Faraz is the author of Shab e Khoon. It contains poems, Ghazals, etc. of Ahmed Faraz. Ahmed Faraz is considered one of the poets in the modern history of Urdu literature. Ahmed Faraz belonged to the progressive movement and a very close friend of Ali Sardar Jafri and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Faiz Ahmed Faiz influenced the work of Ahmed Faraz. He stands second in the list of the modern Urdu poets after Faiz Ahmed Faiz which gave a new life to the Urdu poetry.

Ahmed Faraz awarded by Hilal e Pakistan, and Sitara e Imtiaz from the government of Pakistan on his remarkable services for Urdu.

Now you can download Shab e Khoon in free pdf format. You can download all poetry books of Ahmed Faraz free in pdf format from our website.

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