Seher Aik Istiara Hay novel by Umera Ahmad Pdf

Seher Aik Istiara Hay novel by Umera Ahmad Pdf

Seher Aik Istiyaara Hay Free download another beautiful Urdu novel “Sahar Ek Isti’ara Hay” and enjoy 5 related short Urdu stories of Umera Ahmed. Sahar Ek Ista’ara Hay novel is authored by Umera Ahmed who is one of the most popular Urdu novelist from Pakistan. Umera Ahmed is also famous in India. She has written a lot of Urdu novels, short and long stories of different Urdu digests and magazines. Umera Ahmed has also written many popular dramas’ scripts. She is best known for her novel Peer-e-Kamil, however she has also authored many other famous Urdu novels like Zindagy Gulzar Hai, Mein Ne Khwabon Ka Shajar Dekha Hai etc.

Seher Aik Istiara Hay novel is one of her most selling novels. According to the author, there are 4 Urdu stories which are mentioned as below;

Maat Honay Tak
Seher Ek Ista’ara Hai
Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya
Baat Umar Bhar Ki Hai
All the 4 stories of Sehar Ek Ista’ara Hai are in first person narrative. To download this novel click link below.

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