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sannata by ahmed nadeem

“Sannata” and enjoy beautiful Urdu novelettes Raees khana, Mamta, Alhamdu Lillah and Gandasa by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. “Sannata” is the title name of this Urdu novel which is authored by Mr. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi who is a well known Urdu writer, Urdu litterateur and one of the most popular Urdu novelists in Pakistan. He has authored a lot of Urdu books and novels. His services for the Urdu language will always be remembered. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi is best known as an Urdu author and Urdu litterateur not only in Pakistan but also in India and Bangladesh as well.

Sannata is a beautiful Urdu book by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. In this Urdu book he has written 4 Urdu novelettes which are mentioned as below;

  • Raees Khana

  • Mamta

  • Alhamdu Lillah

  • Gandasa.

All these stories are worth reading and attractive. The author Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi has written these stories in a very beautiful and attractive way. He always inspired the people by his Urdu articles and Urdu writings. Sannata Urdu novel is a masterpiece by him. This Urdu novel is one of his most selling Urdu masterpieces. Sannata by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi is here in Pdf format and as long as 74 pages with the smaller Pdf size of 1.78 MB only.

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