Sadiyon Ka Beta by M A Rahat Pdf

Sadion Ka Beta by MA Rahat is an epic Tale of Action Adventure & Mystery. It is story of a Man who is alive for centuries and had witnessed every era of human evolution. Nature’s four elements Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Stars were his friends. He slept for centuries in the depths of Oceans or buried deep in the mountains of ice without any harm to his body. Bathing in fire, gives him youth and beauty.

In this first part, an aero plane crashed in the icy mountains and all the crashed survived travellers died one by one in struggle to find food shelter and road to civilized world. Only a small family of Pakistani Professor Dr. Khawar and his two daughters survived and found a cave, where they found a sleeping man in a coffin, when woke up, he claimed he has eternal life, living for thousands of years, cannot die and sleeping here in this cave for centuries.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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