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Sad e Barg is the written by Parveen Shakir. Sad e Barg is a poetry book that contains the Gazals and poems of Parveen Shakir. She was the renowned Urdu writer and got fame in early age as a poet. She had more than six poetry books. She considers the poet of the young generation.

Parveen Shakir was a teacher by profession. It is a very strange thing that she has a degree in English literature but wrote in the Urdu language. She has a unique style of writing. Parveen Shakir did not copy any poet of the past but gave a new style. Some people criticized her work earlier, but Parveen Shakir acquired her place later.

Parveen Shakir had a profound thought about the life and its philosophy. Her thoughts about life are clearly seen in the book Sad e Barg. She was the poet of love, spring, optimistic, fragrance, and hope. She also wrote some poems about the sadness of life, but she did not take it to disappointment.

The book Sad e Barg is a poetry collection book. I hope you will like this poetry book Sad e Barg. Now you can download all poetry books of Parveen Shakir free in pdf format.

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