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“Saans Sakin Thi” and enjoy another love story in Urdu language. Saans Sakin Thi is the title name of this romantic Urdu novel authored by Nimra Ahmed who is a well known Urdu author, short and long Urdu story writer and a popular Urdu novelist from Pakistan. Saans Sakin Thi Urdu novel is a masterpiece of Nimra Ahmed who has her own distinguish status in the field of Urdu fictions. She is the author of various Urdu novels that are appreciated by the readers. 

Saans Saakin Thi Urdu novel is about a young girl who works in Pakistan Cricket Board’s office at Qadafi stadium Lahore therefore in this novel Urdu novel you will also find an interesting cricket touch. Similarly the author Nimra Ahmed has also discussed the social issues related to Pakistani society in a very beautiful and interesting way which makes this novel a social novel as well.

This Urdu Novel “Saans Sakin Thi” is neither long nor too short Urdu novel but consisting 248 pages. This novel is here in Pdf format file size 3.28 MBs,

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