Pur Asrar Cheekhain by Ibn-e-Safi Imran Series

PUR ASRAR CHEEKHAIN (Mysterious Screams), by Ibn-e-Safi, is a very suspenseful and thriller Urdu novel of the famous Imran Series.

How to solve a problem when a person comes alive after ten years of his murder? How sort out the situation when a girl claims a person to be her father who is in fact not her father?? How to come to a conclusion when a person tries to prove his identity but he is refused to be believed and is out of reach of his huge wealth? All these things can be found in this superb and interesting novel.

Nawab Hashim was considered to be killed ten years back and buried in a grave, but after ten years he comes back home and says he is alive and does not know about the person who was found dead in his bedroom. But his nephew Nawab Sajid, who inherited Hashim’s all wealth, does not accept him as his uncle. He says that he looks alike his uncle but in fact he is not his uncle.

Now it is Imran’s turn to solve the case and he gets the job done in a fabulous and amazing way. Ibn-e-Safi has maintained the suspense till the last page of the novel and one cannot say exactly how the climax should be.

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