Neelay Parinday by Ibn-e-Safi – Imran Series

Neelay Parinday (Blue Birds) is very interesting Urdu spy novel of Imran Series by the famous Imran Series writer Ibn-e-Safi in which Imran’s guise of Prince of Dhamp is first time used.

The novel is a case of a virus attack on a wealthy man Jameel, who was about to get engaged with a girl Parween, the only daughter of Nawab Javed Mirza, a well known lord three days later, apparently by a bite of a blue bird.

Jameel’s uncle Sajjad is a good friend of Super Fiaz and asks him to help them in the case and Fiaz gets help of Imran. Now Imran goes there and meets the Nawab Javed Mirza and disguise into Prince Satwat Jah, the Prince of Dhamp.

When Imran solves the case it was very shocking. Who was responsible for this?? And why did he do that?? For these things you should read the novel. Trsut me Ibn-e-Safi would not disappoint you.

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