Nayafat by Ahmad Fraz Pdf Download

Ahmed Faraz is the author of Nayafat. Ahmed Faraz is the great name of Urdu poetry. He wrote many books and movies songs. He considers one of the best Urdu poets of 20th century. He always compared with Faiz Ahmed Faiz, which is another prominent name in Urdu poetry.

Ahmed Faraz got a public fame by his simple poetry language. The people loved him, and they used his stanzas in his entire writings.

Ahmed Faraz was an active member of the progressive movement. He became a close friend of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Ali Sardar Jafri during his student time. Faraz was very much impressed by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. A reader can see it in his whole work. The book Nayafat is a poetry collection. It contains ghazals, poems, and stanzas. Now you can download all poetry books of Ahmed Faraz free in PDF format. I hope you like Nayafat.

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