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The book Muwatta Imam Malik is a collection of Hadith (Saying or deeds of Holy Prophet PBUH) by the Imam Malik Bin Ans R.A. The author of the book a famous personality of Islam. He was a well-known scholar of Islamic Shariah and high standard teacher of Hadith. He lived most of his life in the city of Madina and not ready to left it.

Imam Malik was a great lover of Holy Prophet PBUH. He lived all his life in the promotion of Hadith. He was the founder of Maliki Fiqh, one of the four Islamic school of Fiqh.

The book Muwatta Imam Malik is considered the first book of Hadith collection. The author of the book was a scholar of the first century of Hijrah. So this gave the authentication to the book. No other book can be compared with this book. The book Muwatta Imam Malik contains many chapters and titles. It is easy to read and learn in Urdu. I hope you will like the book Muwatta Imam Malik.

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