Manto Kay Mazameen Pdf Download

Manto Kay Mazameen Pdf Download

Manto Kay Mazameen is written by Saadat Hasan Manto. He is one of the legend writers in the history of Urdu literature. He wrote many short stories (Afsanay), novels, dramas, and essays. Manto was a critic of the hypocrisy of the society. He didn’t believe in false, but he showed the real picture of our community. He unveiled the hypocrites of our society including the political and the religious leadership.

Manto was a passionate supporter of the lower segment of the community. He spent much time with the callgirls and Tawaifs. He felt that this community is facing injustice in the society. Everyone hate them, but no one solved their difficulties.

The book “Manto Kay Mazameen” is one of the excellent books by him. In the book, Manto justified his character, his bold writings, and dialogues. He briefed in details about the cases which he faced in the courts for his writings. In Manto Kay Mazameen, Manto told about his defense and verdict of the courts. Despite all of the criticism, Manto is considered top writer in the history of Urdu story (afsana).

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