Lahisil by Umera Ahmad

Download another interesting Urdu novel “La Hasil” by Umaira Ahmad and enjoy a very beautiful Urdu story of a call girl Kathrine from London, who inspired by a Muslim person Mazhar and converted to Islam and changed her name from Kathrine to Khadija Noor and they marry each others but Mazhar does not know that Katherine was a call girl. They both have a son named Zal’eid. Later on Mazhar comes to know about that Katherine i.e Khadija Noor was a call girl, Mazhar Divorce her and keep his baby Zal’eid with him. They both remarry other ones, Khadija adopts a girl in London and Moves to Pakistan. Maryam and Zal’ied meet each others and marry each other.

Now download this novel and find the twist in the story of this dispersed family. A drama was also produced and played by a private TV channel on the same name e.g “La Hasil”.

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