Jasoosi Digest July 2016

July 2016 Edition of Jasoosi Digest is now available to read on line or download.Jasoosi Digest is a famous Urdu digest which contains Jasoosi novels and action stories.

It is most favorite magazine of adventurous readers.
Short Summary of July 2016 Edition is as follow:-

  1. Awara Gard By Dr Abdul Rab Bhatti Episode 27
  2. Angare By Tahir Javed Mughal Episode 13
  3. CHehra Dar Chehra By H Iqbal
  4. Yaqooti Finta By Jamal Dasti
  5. Masoom Larhki By Sereena Riaz
  6. Husan Parast By Jamal Dasti
  7. Chaal Pe Chaal By Aks Fatima
  8. Qatil Ki Talash By Tanveer Riaz
  9. Plan By Saleem Anwar
  10. Meeras By Manzar Imam
  11. BilUnwan By Babar Naeem
  12. Fitna Dil Geer By Saleem Farooqi
  13. Qatil Maqtool By Mukhtar Azad

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