Jannat Kay Pattay by Nimra Ahmed

jannt ky patty

Jannat Kay Pattay Novel Download or read online free Pdf Urdu novel “Jannat Ke Patte” and enjoy another beautiful romantic Urdu story authored by Nimra Ahmed who is a female Urdu novelist, Urdu short and long stories writer and screenwriter from Pakistan. Nimra Ahmad has written many Urdu stories for different Urdu digests and magazines.

Jannat Ke Patte Pdf Urdu novel is one of the masterpieces and blockbuster Urdu novels of Nimra Ahmed. This is a long story based Urdu novel. The story is specially written for the youth as this is a romantic love story related to the Pakistani society. This novel was once one of the most selling Urdu books in Pakistan. The story gave a new identity and a big fan club to Nimra Ahmed.

Jannat Kay Pattay by Nimra Ahmed is here in single Pdf. The novel is contained on two parts but both parts are combined in single Pdf. You can free download it Jannat Kay Pattay from link below.

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