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 “Iblees” and enjoy another short story in Urdu language. Iblees Urdu Novel is authored by Nimra Ahmed who is one of the most popular female Urdu novelists and digest writers. Nimra Ahmed has written a lot of Urdu stories and almost all of her stories are liked by the Urdu readers. This is because she writes every story in a very beautiful words and attractive way. Iblees which is actually the name of Satan, is also the name of this Urdu novel. Iblees is a distinguished Urdu story by Nimra Ahmed. She has always inspired the people who ever read her story. Like other Urdu novels of Nimra Ahmed, you will also like this novel Iblees. The story of Iblees is a short Urdu story, published in an Urdu digest. You may also call it as novelette because this is a short Urdu story of only 24 pages. 

Iblees by Nimra Ahmed is here in Pdf format with the small Pdf file size of 4.12 MB only.

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