Hamaqat ka Jaal by Ibn-e-Safi , Imran Series

Hamaqat ka Jaal (The Trap of Foolishness) is a very beautiful and interesting Urdu spy novel of Imran series by Ibn-e-Safi.

A claver man organizes a club of fools. His basic object was to get ladies, belonging to government services, especially foreign office, registered in the club and get information from them. Imran knows about the club and one day accidently Roshi meets a member of the club and he tries to convince her to get registered in the club.

On other hand there is a big conspiracy in the oil field and an amount of oil is lost from the pipeline. Pakishya provides oil for a friend country and some enemies want to stop pakishya from it. They manage to steal oil from the pipeline.

When Imran investigates he comes to know that the fools club and the oil conspiracy are inter related and one man A.S Rangoon Wala is behind the both things.

Imran and Safdar are in highest level of actions in this novel and Roshi also does a great job. Julia, Khawar and Tanweer also in action.

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