Dastaan Iman Faroshon Ki Pdf

dastan emaan farooshon ki

Inayatullah is the author of the book Dastaan Iman Faroshon Ki Pdf. The author of Dastaan Iman Faroshon Ki Pdf was a famous journalist, novelist, story writer, and war freelancer. He is known for his monthly Hikayat Digest, which was one of the best digest considered in the 80s. Inayatullah was only the war freelancer of Urdu journalism, who sent the reports from the borders as an eyewitness during the 1965 war between Pakistan and India. The book Dastaan Iman Faroshon Ki Pdf is a history book writes in the context of Crusade wars and describe the life span, fights and character of the great soldier, commander, and leader of Muslim world Sultan Salah Ud Din Ayobi. He became the Sultan after the death of another great warrior Noor Ud Din Zangi. Sultan Noor Ud Din Zangi also fought the crusade war, but it was the credit of Zangi that he strongly backed the Salah Ud Din to capture the Egypt. Salah Ud Din made to fail the conspiracies of the opponents and defeated them in and out of the battlefield. He fought against the Assassins and took the Almut fort back.

In Dastaan Iman Faroshon Ki, Inayatullah described the tracery of Muslim rulers and their friendship with Christians and Crusades. It also narrated the story of Crusade wars and the victory of Muslims against the Crusade army.

At last, Muslims were victorious, and they took back the charge of Jerusalem city. Salah Ud Din fought bravely to the Richard on the battlefield for the defence of Jerusalem. He gave many cities to the Crusades but not ready to let down for the Jerusalem. Richard, the king of England, forced to go back to his native land without any conquest.

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