Darindoon Ki Basti by Ibn-e-Safi , Imran Series

Darindoon Ki Basti (The Town of Beasts) is an interesting and wonderful Urdu novel of Imran Series, the famous Urdu spy series by Ibn-e-Safi.

Imran and his team with many other people have to visit Shakral, a hilly area of the country to trace out a conspiracy being managed against the country.

A beggar in cave holds control of Shakral and rules over the area. When Imran discloses his reality it comes that he was Alfonsay. Imran there kills Alfansay and arrests Therisia. Later in the way to the capital Therisia escapes and leaves a letter for Imran and says that she have dissolved the organization T3B.

In this Novel the first Black Zero is killed by Alfonsay. Imran feels sorry for him as he was the most talented commando of his team. And X2 dismisses Captain Jafri and Sergeant Nashad from the Secret Service.

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