Ankhen Bheeg Jati hain by Wasi Shah Pdf

Wasi Shah is the author of Ankhen Bheeg Jati Hain. The subject of the book is Urdu poetry. It consists of Ghazals, Poems, and modern poems. It was the first book by Wasi Shah which gave him an identity in the literary circle and the people as a poet. One the poem of the book sung in a TV drama which was praised and liked by the people.

Wasi Shah is a famous poet of Urdu. He is a columnist, teacher, and TV host. He has a good knowledge of human psychology. The poetry of Wasi Shah describes the human feelings and emotions. He is a poet of hope. He does not gave the message of disappointment. You will enjoy the book Ankhen Bheeg Jati Hain.

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