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Aanchal by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
“Aanchal” and enjoy short Urdu novelettes by the famous Urdu writer Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. The author, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi is one of the most famous Urdu litterateurs and Urdu writers from Pakistan. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi Has written so many Urdu Novels and Urdu books. His services for the Urdu litterateur will always be remembered.
Aanchal Urdu novel is one of his most famous Urdu novels. Aachnal Pdf is actually the collection of Urdu novelettes written by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. There are 10 short Urdu novels in Aanchal novel. The 10 Urdu novelettes inside the Aanchal Urdu novel are mentioned as below;

Jaan Eiman Ki Khair







Mehngai Allowence


Shula-e-Nam Khurda

All theses novels under the above titled are must read. Every Urdu lover should read because Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi writings won’t let you bore especially while reading his Urdu novels. He writes in a very realistic way so that you will feel yourself in another fantasy.

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