Aag Ka Dariya by Quratulain Haider Pdf Free

Quratulain Haider is the author of the book Aag Ka Dariya Novel Complete. The author of the book was a famous writer of Urdu novel and short stories. She has a vast knowledge of Hindu mythology and history. She was a daughter of Sajjad Haider Yaldram, a famous writer of Urdu. Quratulain Haider was an Indian national. After creation of Pakistan, she came to Pakistan but soon went back to India. In India, she wrote her best-selling books.

Quratulain Haider belonged to the progressive movement of writers. She believed in women and human rights. She was for liberty and a right to speech. Quratulain Haider promoted his liberal approach through her writings.

The book Aag Ka Dariya Novel considers one of the great Urdu classic novels. It is an imaginative story of seven births as described in the Hindu mythology. The author got many awards and fame in the world due to this novel Aag Ka Dariya. Now you can download Aag Ka Dariya Novel Complete pdf format.

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